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The ecosystem imperative

There has been a lot of activity and news about global venture funds targeting the Indian market. However, commitment through direct presence has been elusive by some of the largest funds. The silicon valley venture ecosystem is very well developed, and over years there have been thousands of learnings that are engrained in minds of […]

Too big too soon?

Met a couple of people with very big ambitions, perhaps bigger than they can handle — makes me think that trying to build a billion dollar company from day one might not be such a good thing afterall. Wonder why huge companies “got built” when large markets and good solutions existed (rather than founders starting […]

Pitching your business

In the process of creating a pitch for our company, i ended up checking out some great pitches on the net. Enjoy! Watch Dick Hardt deliver a superb pitch on Identity 2.0 at OSCON. The presentation style is based on Lawrence Lessigs lecture on “Who owns culture”, which is a masterpiece! Also check out Rajesh […]