Upcoming Venture

I am in the process of formalizing an entity. Looking for some “techno-business-savvy” minds in this process.
Guys, don’t send too many queries at this stage, but do respond if you have some interest in participating.
Constraint of being in Delhi-NCR region.

5 Responses to “Upcoming Venture”

  1. Pradyot says:

    I am too interested. Contact me in my e-mail prady AT ieee DOT org

  2. Hi Sanjay – I’ve recently come across Venture woods and actually mentioned you a couple of times on my startup’s dev blog – I’d be eager to discuss. contact at raghav at qaable dot com

  3. Mukund says:

    yes Sanjay, Post the narrowest and exactly what sort of thing are you looking for. Is that some general thing or specific to the needs?


  4. Alok Mittal says:

    Ya Sanjay, pls try and narrow down the scope of what you are looking for… Depending on your demands, I might be up for some fun

  5. Shankar Shankar Mathur says:

    I am sure people will start responding if you can narrow down the description to exactly what you have in mind. That way I am sure the people who will come in would not face disappointment at a later stage. There are many ways in which an idea can be charted out without disclosing too much details.

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