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Venturing Forward -Amazon

I received a presentation on “Raising Venture Capital” by Diane Mulcahy author of Venturing Forward a guide to Raising Equity Capital in Ireland. I have not read the book but the presentation was excellent. It gave some data on how Amazon got started. Entrepreneur : Q3 94 – Founder Jeff Bezos got started investing $10k […]

VC Quiz at Forbes

I came across a VC quiz at Frobes that was very interesting. The quizes describe a venture situation and ask you to vote if the Venture thrive or die. I found the Quiz 4 Interesting: NEW YORK – Think you can sniff out a promising young company? Read the following preliminary analysis of an unnamed […]

Getting Started

I keep getting approached by entrepreneurs who have not done the basic steps before trying to raise angel funding. I thought it may be useful to put down a basic checklist. My checklist follows. 1. Incorporate the company that is seeking funding 2. Get a good law firm and have basic documentation in place 3. […]

Pitching your business

In the process of creating a pitch for our company, i ended up checking out some great pitches on the net. Enjoy! Watch Dick Hardt deliver a superb pitch on Identity 2.0 at OSCON. The presentation style is based on Lawrence Lessigs lecture on “Who owns culture”, which is a masterpiece! Also check out Rajesh […]

Always Mange More!?

Madhu has raised some interesting, and perhaps, furstrating, questions regarding what really VCs want. A fair description of the same has been outlined by Chris Wand. Still being more of an entrepreneur than a VC, one learning I have is that VCs are not a homogeneous entity. Some key parameters as you look to choose […]

Pitching to a VC

This morning, I was surprised to see two separate VC posts on the same topic – the entrepreneur’s initial pitch to a VC. Both agree in Why pay when you don’t have to? Start online casino ordering your free annual reports. parts and disagree in others. If this sound interesting, check out this and […]

How to NOT write a business plan

My colleague David Cowan writes on how to construct a business plan. He distinguishes between the more elaborate version prepared as an internal operating document and a more concise version that’s better-suited for getting through to a VC with a limited attention span! I’ve been guilty (along with my former colleagues) of (In case you […]