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innovation in e-learning ?

i was going through some recent VC posts about upcoming boom in e-learning websites ( in India ). I tried to look around, but couldn’t find any indian/global website with significant innovation in that area. Can someone point me to a good resource/website ? I somehow believe, hosting videos and lecture notes coupled with some […]

The Druvaa Story

We started with a Data Replication and Disaster Recovery product for Asia Pacific SME market. Had a good start, built a solid team … and then got beaten down by Angels/VCs & some market “veterans”. Thanks to a lot of guys (specially some on venturewoods) who advised, We decided to go ahead and pooled in […]

How VCs Work :-?

Broadly there are two kind of stock investors – those who know the companies they are investing in and those who don’t. The first ones use insider information or put their analytical skills at work to predict which company would/should/must do well. They take a calculated risk. The second ones (like me) just buy stocks […]

Druvaa Replicator – Competitive Edge

from my last post “continuous data availability”, most ppl sent email expressing these confusing over “how the hell it actually works and differs from traditional methods” 🙂 For the working part we are publishing technical papers (on website) and for the rest – | View | Upload your own Let me know, if anyone needs […]

— Continuous Data Availability —

Key to any business continuity solution is continuous availability of critical data. And with up-coming SOX and Basel compliance regulations it would be even more necessary for SMEs and enterprises to have a data availability and disaster recovery plan in action. While there are a bunch of software/hardware for the same (from EMC, Netapp and […]