We started with a Data Replication and Disaster Recovery product for Asia Pacific SME market. Had a good start, built a solid team … and then got beaten down by Angels/VCs & some market “veterans”. Thanks to a lot of guys (specially some on venturewoods) who advised, We decided to go ahead and pooled in $85K of “friends and family” money.

So like to share some thoughts, a news and need some advise.

My last post did help me know a lot of things about VC/Angels. We also did some introspection of our work and how we can present it.
But still, It makes me think — Is market for seed/angel investment in India mature enough for startups or its just me who got beaten down ?

We met all kinds of VCs – some showed interest and helped, some showed no interest but still helped and some cowards who fixed meetings and never came for them 🙂

Someone in (i think) Virtualization conference 2007 asked amazon ppl about rumors of completion from google on S3 and EC2.
That guy answered saying, “we would love someone spend their millions educate ppl about benefits of virtualization. We don’t mind sharing the market”.

Something similar happened to us, while we were sure of market in aisa pacific . News of Reliance and Bharti opening Disaster Recovery data centers in Indian backed our strategy. We got some inbounds and gained some traction.

Now we just released product final beta on July 4th, and some good names signed in as beta customers.

I would love to demo the product over a webcast or send across an evaluation copy. Please let me know, if anyone is interested.
More about product: http://www.slideshare.net/jaspreetis/druvaa-product-overview-and-advantage

Need advice,
1. We “can” sustain couple of more months and start supporting and selling. Is it still worth trying for angel money ?
2. Any good ideas on how to conduct online product demos . I am using gotomeeting right now coupled with skypecasts.
3. Any idea on how to build product documentation and knowledge-base.


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