Hi Guys

During the Global Entrepreneur Week their were several great presentations made, where I was located. I thought they maybe helpful to some on this blog:

1. My video is about building a startup and can be found at http://www.iqbalgandham.com/ and the ppt deck can be found at http://www.slideshare.com/iqbalgandham

2. The rest of the morning session contained pitches from startups and a presentation on sales.

The afternoon session has a great one from Sean (founder of Multimap) and how they managed to stay the course through the dot com downturn, and how to time exits, and finally sell for about $100 million + to the likes of MS

Following that is another good one from Alistair from Huddle. he goes through the steps they took in raising $5million, and how they got early value in the business by giving away small equity bits to get the project built.

Morning session:

Afternoon session: