My last post here on VentureWoods dwelt on the problems that early stage companies face in India and their requirements. One comment made on the post reminded me that all we are doing is analysis and seldom anything else (well, to be fair, HeadStart does quite a bit, it hosted 60 Startup Saturdays since last year and over 10k people have engaged in a variety of ways).

Well, here is something we also have done -I worked out a business incubator set up at the Centre for Electronics Development and Technology (CEDT) at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore in partnership with the HeadStart Foundation.

The focus is very much on application areas  where CEDT has expertise, applications where engineering and research requires investments in labs (that are provided free by CEDT) and expert project staff, and where we could engage prospective customers early on during incubation. The application areas are

1. Personal area networks: Multimedia delivery, Home security, Personal guidance systems, Authentication and Access control, Healthcare, Information synchronization

2. Automotive systems: Guidance and driving assistance, Entertainment, Traffic control and C2C (car to car) systems

3. Low cost embedded computing: Communications, Access control, Transactional systems (eg, ATMs)

4. Environmental monitoring: Energy management, Safety and Security, HVAC systems, Forestry and Farm management, Disaster management systems

5. Clean energy systems: Phantom power reduction, Distributed clean energy generation, Energy management and reduction

The incubator will admit its first batch of companies from June 2009 and it is hosted online on HeadStart’s collaboration portal here. Do pass on this information to people you know who can benefit from this initiative.

Prof Jamadagni, Chairman of CEDT, Jagannath Rao, advisor to CEDT and formerly Director of Motorola India’s mobile handsets business will help manage the incubator (I will be there as well) assisted by selected people from industry.

You can expect more such initiatives this year around establishing business incubators, industry linkages and investment support.