One of the most common reasons for people to go online is to search for health information. 55% of those with Internet access have used the Web to get health or medical information – reference survey by Pew Internet Survey. Said so the present form of web information is limited to learn about diseases, obtain information about health care providers etc. There are very few tools available online to help individual with specific to his current condition to interact with doctor.  

But now the prospect of healthcare IT is transforming quickly. Recently Microsoft launched which allows people of US to store their medical data and share with their doctor. Googlehealth is fast moving in field recently tested its application with the Cleveland clinic. is our effort to take healthcare IT to masses. eHealthopinion is the platform to connect (like ebay for product) patient; referring doctor and expert doctor. Using our application patient can able to prepare his case profile and send it to doctor for second opinion, line of treatment or follow up. Patient’s file consist medical data like ECG, x-ray, history, lab report etc. The application consist step by step information and tools to acquire patient’s data scientifically. Patient selects doctor and sends data to him. Doctor view and interpret patient’s data and write and send his opinion / prescription back to patient.   

eHealthopinion is launched on 24th July 2007. 175 doctors from 28 courtiers and 250 patients are registered with us till date. At present the service for patient is completely free of cost.  

Anticipating feedback. Thanks.  

Devendra Patel

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