Results of VentureWoods 2008 India Venture Polls are out!
VentureWoods India Venture Polls 2008
Interesting findings:

  • Activity is predicted to shift to areas that have been a “wait and watch” last year – mobile data services, ecommerce, online education, local language etc. It will be interesting to see if these remain at that stage or finally mature. A lot of the bet is perhaps on rapidly increasing penetration of internet (web and mobile).
  • Areas already attracting investments like social networking, online travel and ad networks are way lower – in my view, areas that should not be ignored because these areas should start offering visibility of substantial markets, and hence the possibly to offer innovative solutions.
  • Most people believe venture capital will remain on a roll. The hope is that “genuine” innovation will start getting attention. IMHO, concept arbitrage itself has plenty to innovate around, and I personally wouldn’t be stuck on this one.

What do you see in the crystal ball?