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SaaS opportunities

Here are some thoughts on the subject to spark off discussion: The SaaS (Software as a Service) model is an interesting development in the enterprise software segment. My predictions are that: We could see investment in SaaS companies in the India-US corridor with a lot of development and support located out of India. I also […]

IdeaCamp in Gurgaon with Alok Mittal

Venture community here are welcome to come and meet Alok Mittal at the Idea Camp in Gurgaon on 12th January from 2 pm to 4 pm. Idea camp is organized with a intention to have a intense gathering of a small group of entrepreneurs and professionals to foster accelerated learning and networking on a common […]

IMRB IAMAI Mobile VAS Report – A critique

IAMAI and IMRB have released their Mobile VAS report here. I went through the report, and the quality appalled me. I was expecting to see a more quantitative report from a research agency of IMRB’s repute. The only numbers they have outlined are top level numbers (“Mobile VAS to be a $1b industry”) and the […]

Wanted – Exemptions from Do not call registry!

As the regulators try to curb the menace of unwanted calls, telcos are appealing that their unsolicited calls should be allowed. Masking it under “service-related communications”, some of them have asked for not just upselling, but even calls to past and prospective customers — in my view, this is no different than any other party […] – an update

First of all, let me take the opportunity to wish you all a very successful Year in the days to come in 2007. The Team at Proto have been working quite hard to ensure that the companies that are presenting, the VCs that would be arriving, and the rest of the attendees find the event […]