I recently read one article about compensation in early stage ventures. One of my friends is planning to invest in a startup where he is one the four partners of which two of them will be running the show while the other two will be just investors. The proposed equity structure is 25 percent each for the pure-investors in return for 35 percent investment (each) while the two guys who would run the show are putting in 15 percent of the money for a 25% stake (each). This means they are getting 10% extra as sweat equity. Interestingly, both of these folks would work for full salary in the new company (no salary cut).

Is this a good arrangement? In my view the managing promoters don’t deserve any sweat equity upfront as they are working for full salary. I would say that all four should have equity proportional to their percentage investment.

My friend wants to know what would be the best equity structure for this company with 2 working and 2 non-working promoters assuming that the working promoters take market compensation.

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