Zoho is arguably the ONLY global product to come out of India from ANY company, and its a sweet product. It gives mighty Google Apps a run for their money; and Zoho’s Creator is a path breaking innovative product.

So why is VentureWoods not talking more about Zoho? Is it because of lack of awareness of Zoho? Or is it because of lack of glamor due to being non VC funded?

1. Have you used Zoho?
2. Will you consider using any of their products for daily work? Why? Why Not?
3. Do you think Zoho can take on Google Apps or is the Google brand too big and Google quality too good?
4. What is the marketing advise you would give Zoho to gain a fair share of the applications space?

Note: I have nothing to do with Zoho, don’t know anyone there, but do use their products and I think they are brilliant.

21 August: Techcrunch reports Zoho making their services available offline; and check out what poster no. 8 in that thread has to say: http://www.techcrunch.com/2007/08/21/zoho-goes-offline-in-a-good-way/

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