Create an eLearning system where ANYONE can learn the way they want to learn. For example, if I am comfortable learning with the help of a person, I click on a subject and poof! appears a window with a live person web-camming with you. It is an interactive session on-demand, when you need it, in the language of your choice.

Or, imagine that I am reading a book and need some clarification on a concept. I go to the website and either chat or have an audio or video call with the person who can help. I will be able to search for the availability of such a person on the site. When I search, I can specify the topic, language etc. so that the search will throw up the available persons. I could even look for people who have read the book or professors and teachers who teach using that book.

I can of course learn about these topics on the self learning module and at any time of the learning ask a live person for clarifications, as if I am one-on-one with a private tutor who is available 24×7.

While reading an article on the system, I might get tired and just want to hear the rest of the stuff. Can I do it? Yes of course. I just click the point till which I have read and an audio starts from that point.

The system is a also a wiki; so whenever people learn about new concepts in their own way, they can add to the learning system. So, you have a wiki-banking, wiki-maths, wiki-physics and so on. Naturally, I believe in the goodness of people and that they will not post useless or malicious content. In case they do, then there will be bots who will identify the garbage and throw it out.

I can also broadcast my query to all the members of the learning system and people would respond at their convenience. I would then find the best answer and add to the wiki so that others can benefit. People could also respond by posting audio/videos.

Is this idea possible to execute or just too impractical? Is there a real need for such a system? How can we create a huge community of subject matter experts on just about any subject from nuclear engineering to philosophy. It will obviously require a lot of storage and capability to deliver large amount of data in an efficient manner.

Any thoughts….?

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