Channelnewsasia has done a profile coverage with me, and that has some good perspective on what we might do as Canaan Partners in India. If you have access to the channel, they are going to telecast this half hour show at following times:

Singapore: Monday 9.30pm
Repeat telecasts: Tuesday 12.30am & 12.30pm, Wednesday 4.30pm

Regional: Monday 9.30pm (HK& MNL), 7pm (DEL), 8.30pm (JKT)
Repeat telecasts:
Tuesday 12.30am (HK& MNL), Monday 10pm (DEL), 11.30pm (JKT)
Tuesday 9.30am (HK& MNL), 7am (DEL), 8.30am (JKT)
Wednesday 12.30pm (HK&MNL), 10am (DEL), 11.30am (JKT)
Thursday 4.30pm (HK&MNL), 2pm (DEL), 3.30pm (JKT)