Use the comments section of this page to leave a short bio of yourself if you are interested in joining/creating a startup (fulltime, parttime, or advisory roles welcome). Please include your area of interest and specialization, location preference, the role and level of seniority that is expected. Also try and include any compensation parameters. Finally, do make sure you offer a direct response email id/phone number. You may choose to use proxy information in case you want to remain confidential at the first stage. Based on the response we will decide if we need to develop a more elaborate job board.

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  1. Nishant says:


    I am looking to work with startups trying to solve critical problems using Data analytics.I have prior experience of running few startups which didn’t work.If anyone would like to collaborate with me kindly let me know.Following is my profile ( am interested in startups working on ideas in following domain
    a) Civic Tech
    b) Fin Tech
    c) Data Analytics
    d) Environment and Sustainability

    Kindly let me know if anyone would be interested in collaborating.



  2. Pratik says:

    Looking for Tech Co-founder & Business Co-founder for Innovative & disruptive B2B Real Estate Startup .
    Drop me mail
    call me 9602954914
    Company is already running.
    Jaipur based initially . Thanks

  3. Raj says:

    Odd even experiment in Delhi has brought this pollution/ traffic problem to centerstage. It is also clear to Delhi Govt that necessary infrastructure enhancement would be required before this can be brought back again. Delhi govt is separately inviting proposals for solution, with possible funding too.
    In case any start up is ready to team up to address the traffic challenge please contact me. I propose to offer an innovative approach to address this challenge . You are free to build the start up as I play only an advisory role .
    I bring experience from telecom MNC world with some exposure to ITMS ( Intelligent Traffic Management systems )

  4. Shashank says:

    Are there any folks in the community who would be really interested in starting a agricultural venture – like organic farming or something related?
    If yes I would like to hear back. I will look for a reply in this blog.

  5. HI Nitin,
    Pleasure getting e-connected to you.
    Regarding your query, I am highly motivated and elated to do something my own but lack of my peer support and networking unfortunately i could not… As your post, make me realize to jump into same what I left off.. I may be contacted @ 9094917950 or drop a inline through gmail or LinkedIn.



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