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APPLE – Mind Blowing Facts

• Apple reclaimed the title of the world’s most valuable company $415B vs Exxon Mobil’s $413B (Yahoo Finance) • The $97.6 billion in cash that $AAPL has is higher than the market value of 448 of the companies in the S&P 500. (Capital IQ) • This was the 2nd highest profit quarter of any company […]

Its Black Magic Stupid!

Black Swan is the buzzword for economists and other street guys across the world. Black Swan is the name of the book written by Nicholas Taleb in which he says that Black Swan is an event which is beyond our thinking. People across the world have started to call recent financial crisis as once in […]

Funny Sites

Here is the funny lists of sites and its registrants. Domain Name: HOMEGAINSUCKS.COM, Inc. created: 2004 ——————————- Domain Name: ZILLOWSUCKS.COM Created on: 2005 ——————————- Domain Name: TRULIASUCKS.COM Registrant:Trulia Created on: 2005 ——————————- Domain name: Registrant:United Parcel Service Created on: 1997 ——————————- Domain Name: Registrant:Google Inc. Created on: 1999 ——————————- Domain Name: […]

Online community

This seems to be buzzword in today’s web 2.0 scenario. We could see the mushrooming of social networking sites that are positioned for college goers, women, old age people, and may be to gay and lesbian (I’m not sure on this). These sites provide tremendous opportunity for people to find new friends, enjoy time with […]

Apple I-Phone- Hype or Hit?

If you look into newspapers and websites of any journal from United States you won’t miss the word I-phone. Believe me, there are more than 100 articles that was written by technology experts, Apple lovers and others in this business. Would it become a hit? Million dollar question. But it’s easy to answer. It’s going […]

Startups, Advertising and Brand Building

Advertising, Brand building and sales. Exactly! This is what every start up would think in terms of progress that could happen through advertising. So whatz aim of advertising. Is it aimed to build brands or bringing customers or for just making a feeler in the industry? Tough question to answer. If you ask advertising pundits, […]