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The Tech Startup Ecosystem in India : Mapped

Building Tech Startups – Valley Style vs India.

Its been a post about Demo Days and how they are a disaster. But Put together an Image to roughly show the process of Building a Startup in India. Bottomline: Its a slower, steadier climb. Which explains why you dont get Investors rushing to invest in you either. But if we do another chart, matching startup building cost vs Time, India would win hands down. The balance is somewhere between the two benefits.

In Either Case, What do you think?

Process of Building a Tech Startup in India

Comparative Chart from the US, by Paul Graham

You can replace the term TechCrunch of Initiation, with Whatever gives visibility and Early Adopters.

If you are interested in the conversation about Demo Days though, the article is here.

Picking the Right Accelerator -Side by Side Comparison (Part 1)

If you have been wondering if there are a lot of accelerators popping up as of late, you are assuming right. But you will realize if you start putting them side by side, that not all are equal. After the nth time that someone asked if the difference between this and that, this happened. And with the Nudge of friends, making it public – it seems to be useful to some, maybe will be to you as well.