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Angel investments in India – miles to go

Over past few years, angel investments have picked up in India, but the wide gap between quantum of angel investments and later stage investments remains. Some sense of where we need to head – For US, The data from the University of New Hampshire’s Center for Venture Research show angels invested $8.5 billion in the […]

VC Market Dynamics

Interesting article on some of the market dynamics in the global venture capital industry. The author points to some of the corrections that these long term dynamics are making to the model (such as super angels, survival of funds, founder liquidity etc). Central point – venture investing is a competitive market, and the model adapts […]

Early stage technology investing – analysis

Interesting discussion here on issues around early stage technology investing in India. Many valid issues that have been discussed there. I particularly like the perspective around “distribution” being a killer app in India – but more on that sometime later. Earlier this year, we analyzed the investments made by 11 early/growth funds in India (across […]

The Future of Search (Wall Street Journal)

It was Sunday and we were planning to go out for ice cream. I recalled someone talking about Cocoberry, a frozen yoghurt chain. I searched for “cocoberry” on Google and saw the link to Cocoberry’s page on Facebook. I visited the page and saw numerous comments by many of their satisfied customers. I could also see […]