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Mobile services for agriculture

Seems like there is growing interest in mobile information services for farmers. TCS has mKrishi, Intuit had another application to get mandi prices etc, and IFFCO Kisan Sanchar Ltd has a mobile information business with Airtel… Looks like a great application area given the number of farmers out there. The notion also extends to other […]

Canaan invests in Equitas and Naaptol

Pleased to announce our investment in Equitas, the fastest growing top-10 micro finance company in India; and Naaptol, a leading home shopping business. We are very excited to participate in high-growth consumer services opportunities, with high-caliber entrepreneurial teams.

A Billion Dollar Indian Internet Company

I have always (after coming into the VC industry) heard the concept of $1 bn company while evaluating early stage businesses. “Can it become a $ 1 bn company?” has been a perpetual question. I always doubted on the concept of $ 1 bn market cap internet company out of India. However; last week our […]

Launching GrexIt – Your shared email memory

I have been working for the last couple of months building this tool: If you use Google Apps for your email, you’ll most likely find it useful. A small description of where we are trying to get at with GrexIt follows (It uses a browser plugin that we currently build only for FF 3.x): This is […]