I have been working for the last couple of months building this tool: www.grexit.com. If you use Google Apps for your email, you’ll most likely find it useful. A small description of where we are trying to get at with GrexIt follows (It uses a browser plugin that we currently build only for FF 3.x):

This is what you can do with GrexIt:

  • When you have an email thread in your inbox that you think can be of importance/relevance to other people you work with, now or sometime in the future, you can add the email thread to GrexIt by pressing the “Send to GrexIt” button on your email interface.
  • This also triggers an email to all participants of the email discussion. You can continue your discussion on email by responding to this automatically triggered mail, and the complete discussion keeps getting saved in GrexIt.
  • You can search the content on GrexIt by typing in the box that is rendered just above your chat box in Gmail/GoogleApps mail.
  • You can also login to GrexIt at http://grexit.com and access the content that your group has added.

How to use GrexIt: http://blog.grexit.com/using-grexit

The kind of content for which GrexIt is relevant (some generic points):

  • Technical set-up/configuration information that might be needed later by anyone in the team
  • Announcements that might be of relevance to people who join the team later
  • Discussions where someone asked a question and the problem got resolved on email
  • Links to articles etc. on the internet which might be useful later – example: all the gang discussions that we have
  • As a thumb-rule, anything in your inbox that you think might be needed by others now/later, belongs in GrexIt

Currently, the plugin works only on FF 3.x and is for Google Apps users. Also, you might see some problems with the attachment support as of now. We’re working to fix it.

Would look forward to knowing from the community here what they think about the tool. A lot of features, including gmail like labels, but shared within the group, are coming soon.

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