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The four breeds of VCs

Seeing a lot of healthy debate on Venturewoods regarding  the VC – entrepreneur relationship and even some amount of VC bashing in comments, I thought of summarizing my own experiences so far.Having talked, met and pitched to several Indian VCs, I have discovered four distinct breeds which are obviously broad categorizations based on my own […]

Does your VC suck?

Paul Jazefak has an interesting post on VC bashing. I was at the TiECon last week chairing a panel around fundraising, when the ultimate happened – a VC on the panel started bashing VCs! How much worse can it get 🙂 I think part of the issue here is a lack of understanding of the […]

TiE Con Delhi | Offer to Venturewoods Community

TiE Delhi has extended an offer to Venturewoods community for their annual flagship event – TiE Connect (18th & 19th Sep) 1. First two people will get a free invitation for the entire event 2. All will be able to avail TiE membership rates for the event (Rates offered to TiE members are subsidized as […]

WSJ: Time required to build software companies

WSJ Venture Capital Dispatch has an interesting article on how long it takes to build large (defined there as time to get to $50M revenue) software companies. The answer: 8-9 years on an average if the sample is top 100 public software companies. Thats pretty long, given that the sample is really the top end. […]