Twittering for a cause – Help build a library

Do children have a right to books, toys and the freedom to read, learn and imagine?

I am not sure if the constitution guarantees it but working as an entrepreneur in the Indian Education sector that is something I found missing. While we talk of revolutionizing education by the use of technology, millions wait for their first book.

Our World Our Stories (OWOS) is an initiative to do something about this. OWOS will create children books and the means to take book to all children, especially the ones usually left behind.

As a first step, please help us in building a library for the kids at Project Why – an 8 year old NGO. All you have to do is follow @owos on Twitter – When the number of supporters reaches 100000, Grolier International (the Indian subsidiary of Scholastic Inc.) will donate a library to Project Why. It’s that simple!

You can also support the project on Facebook at and learn more about it at

Hope you would not let the moment pass without showing your support. Thank you and please pass on the word!

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  1. Shakti Saran says:

    You mention providing freedom to ones usually left behind. Few months ago, dad gave my World Books collection to electrician for his children. I would’ve given to a library nearby and would’ve mentioned the same to electrician. If you’re taking books to individuals, return on your effort would depend on their use of those books. If you create libraries, return on your effort doesn’t need to be computed. When the mindset of majority changes from getting used to street animals (or those wasting taxes not to say don’t earn or don’t spend it) which make it worse for self and others to rejecting the negatives while pursuing joy or success, even libraries would get built here by people here and that just not by some global or local organizations.

    Something else I wrote
    search for: On Thinking, Thoughts, Ideas and Freedom

    Shakti Saran

  2. Himanshu says:

    Raja, Seems you find anything other than your own meaningless posts a spam. Rohit, Great initative! Keep it up!! 🙂

  3. RohitS says:

    Is it? What about your archive that’s filled with posts like “Bringing constructive changes in education (or the way of learning!)” where you talk about “How to identify a child’s interest”? What is Venturewoods? A parenting blog?

    Isn’t Venturewoods about discussing new ideas and business initiatives that can benefit the society as a whole? Or would you suggest that i insert buzzwords like “social entrepreneurship”, “charity 2.0” and “educational innovation” to make this more acceptable to people like you?

    You should start your mornings on a more positive note if you really want “Rural development” to extend beyond your blog.

  4. Rohit

    I believe this is an unrelated to the readers at VW. Perhaps it can even considered as spam.


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