Google’s Research Interests

Readwriteweb has an article on some of the research projects google is pursuing. Interesting as to the kind of problems one can try and attack at scale!

What should be Google India’s list?

3 Responses to “Google’s Research Interests”

  1. onnlist says:

    Google India should work on India Maps, Street views, driving direction .. only company like Google can get that done ..

  2. vkhutal says:

    Convert website data to educational programs for rural and urban area. Educational programs which can make people employable.

  3. Krish says:

    Just wondering…

    a) With its advanced aerial mapping (now advancing even to 3D street view frames)tech, Google India can certainly help itself (and Indian archival/revenue systems) in digitization of land records, that is now in a state of disarray. This could (a)forestall unauthorized land deals / development (b)plug land revenue leakage (c) digital online clearances can lead to incremental transparency of title to land and can root out corruption in civic bodies such as DDA, BMC etc.(d)accelerate badly needed infrastructure development by obviating the need to secure 52 clearances before one can lay as much as a brick AND (e) finally Google can carve a fee for itself (from the huge swathe of beneficiaries) that people would only be too pleased to pay.

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