Sharad Sharma joins Canaan as EIR

We are very pleased to bring Sharad Sharma as EIR (Entrepreneur in Residence) at Canaan. We have had a long standing relationship with Sharad, and share common interest in cloud computing as a disruptive area of growth. Over the next few months, Sharad with work with the Canaan team to identify an opportunity that he would like to build out over coming years.

EIR is really a structure that allows us to choose an entrepreneur ahead of the idea. Sharad’s prior track record, his passion for entrepreneurship, early knowledge of cloud computing, and interpersonal comfort made it compelling for us to take this route. We also felt equipped to contribute to his efforts given our global footprint and existing exposure to cloud computing through companies like Virsto and Soasta.

Sharad last led Yahoo! India R&D and was the India General Manager and VP of Product Operations with Symantec. He was also a co-founder and CEO of Teltier Technologies, a wireless infrastructure start-up that is now part of Cisco. He has also established AT&T’s and later Lucent’s R&D organization in India.

Welcome on board, Sharad!

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  1. Awesome news…congrats Alok and best of luck.
    – Sumit

  2. Congrats, Sharad!


  3. Krish says:

    Hi Sharad, Welcome to VW !

    Very good move, Alok. Going by the quality of startups that come to pitch, an EIR could help startup founders “get it”. Hope Sharad will soon clear the fog for a look in the clouds… Google Apps, Microsoft’s Live Mesh, Amazon S3 and soon we hope to have something better from Sharad’s stable (to me that means cheaper by a few $$, little or no downtime, enabling unlimited vertical scalability and security up by a few hundred notches 🙂

    The Cloud did come with a lot of hope but it also brought along the notion that behind all the rhetoric and promotional guff “the cloud” is no such thing: every piece of data is stored on a physical hard drive or in solid state memory, every instruction is processed by a physical computer and the every network interaction connects two locations in the real world. And hell, the challenge is in denying unauthorized data access to the prying eyes of competitors, hacks and other not so benign snoopers desirous of sponging off valuable data that floats around hosted servers, both real and virtual. At least until the UN seriously considers a cyberspace rights treaty that will outline what it’s acceptable to do when other people’s data comes into your etherspace 🙂

  4. Lalit says:

    Hope Sharad will start blogging again. He hasnt written anything on his Orbit Change Blog lately.

  5. Latif Nathani says:

    Congrats Sharad…Canaan portfolio will benefit hugely from your experience and insight. Wish you the best. Regards, Latif

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