US Health Care IT: Big Opportunity for Indian Entrepreneurs

The US spends $250 billion in health care administration. Indian entrepreneurs can very well look at solving various problems within this vertical and build nice businesses. Read my Forbes column for some pointers.

2 Responses to “US Health Care IT: Big Opportunity for Indian Entrepreneurs”

  1. Jay says:

    Yes,It is true saying about Entrepreneurs specifically for India now.We can see how lucrative market is in USA.One option is outsourcing like IT fellaws.

  2. kanny says:

    Good to see a post focusing on a very distinct but important segment. A year back, I had developed an automatic ICD-9-CM classification system. It would take a patient’s medical history and the clinical report and assign a disease code so that the insurance company can automate the claim processing and save time and cost. It was a good application of semantic technology. However the real fun will begin when they introduce ICD-10. Looks like I will have to dust off the code and do a bit of advanced semantic modeling.
    Thanks for sharing your insights and overtures to the Indian entrepreneurs which is a bit over/ab-used term these days.
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