Murli Thirumale’s SDBS Formula for New Ventures

Here’s a discussion with serial entrepreneur Murli Thirumale on how he comes up with new ventures:

“I have a phrase which I have coined,” he says. “SDBS. It stands for sell, design, build, sell. SDBS is in contrast to designing something, building it and then trying to sell it, which is the model most big and small tech companies follow.” 

8 Responses to “Murli Thirumale’s SDBS Formula for New Ventures”

  1. Ah, for that you’d need to read my books 🙂

  2. Sum says:

    Simply – your perspective is what would also makes it interesting and that it gets lost in the interview questionnaire.

  3. Sum,

    And you don’t think doing that takes times?

    Why don’t you just use the resources I am pointing you to?
    I’m offering them for a reason, and I believe I have never pointed this group to something that is not worth your time.

    Entrepreneurs go wherever there are resources available. Why won’t you?


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