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Citizens in Governance

One of the areas where some of us have been thinking of late is how to increase awareness of citizens regarding policy and administration – things like which new bills are being introduced in parliament or state legislature, and what options are being considered? What are the relative merits/demerits of the options? Which way are […]

Introducing – Startup Ecosystem

Reaching out to Venturewoods community to share an update from Am glad to introduce the Indian startup ecosystem – a neutral entity that serves as a platform for startups to connect to other startups/VCs/entrepreneurs etc. We launched the startup directory around 5 months back and based on the feedback we received from users , we have revamped the […]

Murli Thirumale’s SDBS Formula for New Ventures

Here’s a discussion with serial entrepreneur Murli Thirumale on how he comes up with new ventures: “I have a phrase which I have coined,” he says. “SDBS. It stands for sell, design, build, sell. SDBS is in contrast to designing something, building it and then trying to sell it, which is the model most big […]

Do Great Startups Really Solve a Problem

After a long long hiatus (ie been far to busy working finishing a startup) I decided to write a post. My own blog is still lacking in posts due to work, but will get back to that this week. Anyhow have been thinking about this for some time. I have looked back at several startups, […]

Rare Specie: A Bengali Entrepreneur

Okay, don’t chew me for saying this, but a Bengali Entrepreneur IS a rare specie. Let me introduce you to one that is both quite successful, and also generous about contributing back to the cause of promoting entrepreneurship: DimDim CEO DD Ganguly. And if you do want to chew me, do so by proving me […]

“Something is wrong in Venture Capital”

An interesting presentation from Adeo Ressi, founder of TheFunded: TheFunded – Canarie I’m not sure this is specific to the VC industry – the same thing happens in PE, hedge funds and other managed asset sectors. Money goes to those who don’t need it. How much of this is relevant to India? I don’t mean […]

Create Your Own Job

For those of you going through tough times, especially those looking for jobs, I suggest you consider “creating” your own job. Here’s Rafat Ali’s story on how he created his own job and became an entrepreneur.