A nice little stat to chew on a sunday morning.   

PS : “Transit” refers to Public/mass transit systems.

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  1. Raghu says:

    Hi everybody!.. lets go a little outside the box and see what my company is working on..

    Day-to-day local commuting is not only one of the biggest oil guzzling segments, it also eats away hundreds of hours of personal lives per year per person (living in a big city)… due to its inherent inefficiencies and unmanageability. and lets not even start on pollution thing.

    The incremental solution to this problem is to improve cars, fuel, roads, traffic management, public transport etc. However we are interested in a paradigm shifting solution.

    Analyze that most of the local commuting is done for interaction & info-sharing with somebody like a shopkeeper, colleague, service provider etc. (i mean, how many times you HAVE to shake hands with or hug the other person? not often).

    Now for interaction & info-sharing we have got roads where you can drive at 200,000 Km/second, on a car that costs <20,000Rs, which runs on a monthly fuel budget of <1000Rs. Yes thats your very own broadband network.

    We at CIPL are building local markets around these roads, and companies like Cisco are building large corporate offices around them.

    This is the (near) future of our civilization. The customers have already started shouting out loud their pain-points… and the ‘incremental solutions’ are just too dumb to alleviate them.

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