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The Internet according to Akamai

Akamai has published the first in a series of quarterly looks at the state of the internet (warning, requires registration), which they would be in a unique position to report on. From the summary: Starting with the January to March (1st quarter) 2008 time period, Akamai will be publishing a quarterly “State of the Internet” […]

ESOP or something else?

We have had discussions earlier here on attracting great talent to startups, and what the key motivators are. Clearly, there are other motivators besides money in a startup decision – such as sense of purpose, role that one can play, and so on. However, the more I talk to entrepreneurs around, the more evident is […]

Q1 2008 | India VC Deals

VentureSource has published a news article on VC activity in India for the period Jan – Mar 2007 “Venture capital firms invested $98.9 million in 16 Indian companies in the first quarter, a fraction of the year-ago period but about steady with the quarterly pace of 2007, according to data released today by VentureSource. It’s […]

Mobile devices will rule in the next 5 years

The Churchill Club’s annual Top 10 Tech Trends Dinner discussion post is here.  The panel has some cool VCs in it. The post has important predictions and some cool factoids In Europe, cell phones are 8% of credit card payments  Projectors in cell phones in next two years. More than one camera per cell phone About 90% of all […]

TrendWatching in India

Another day, another idea. This time, it is TrendWatching. I define TrendWatching as a disciple where one observes (not sees), engages people in conversations (not interviews), identifies what is popular (not market research) and finally using these popular social objects to help businesses. Why TrendWatching? Market research as we know it is dead. I have […]

Sustainable ?

From the news today (sorry, no link) Reliance Industries has shut all of its 1,432 petrol pumps in the country after sales dropped to almost nil as it could not match the subsidized price offered by public sector players. The company owned less than 3% of the 36,936 petrol pumps in the country. Of the […]