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When we conceptualized this program; we started with the view that we should design awards, which can help companies to grow and achieve their next milestones. It can be funding, opening doors to customers, channel development, skill development in various functions and mentoring. This year awards are an effort in that direction.

1. Microsoft Award: At least one finalist will be invited to join the Microsoft Startup Accelerator Program where they will get access, guidance and support on the Microsoft Platform as well as market development support from Microsoft. – Microsoft will promote these companies in their ecosystem.

2. ISB Program: A representative from each of the winning teams will be invited to attend a course pro bono at the Center for Executive Education at the Indian School of Business (ISB). Typical value of this course is greater than Rs 300,000. The Identified course is Accelerated Management Programme – Increasing Managerial Effectiveness

3. Mentoring: All finalists will be mentored by TiE-ENP (Entrepreneurship Nurturing Program) to refine their business plans for the presentation to the jury. The Winners would be mentored by NASSCOM, Canaan Partners, and Jury Members for three months after the event

4. Access to Investors: All finalists will have access to investors from TiE, Indian Angel Network and other early stage investors

5. Profiling in Media: Winners will be featured in Business Today, enabling them to build awareness about their companies & products. Last year profiling was done on CNBC and winners of last year gave us the feedback that it was pretty useful for them

I think this platform can provide an interesting opportunity for start ups to launch their products or take it to next level. I would be happy to provide any clarifications on any query related to the event.

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  1. Alok Mittal says:

    Raja, I understand your concern. While we do not get into formal NDAs due to the administrative overhead of managing them at this scale, we are very careful about how we treat incoming plans – not just for this contest, but also in regular course. It is not our intent to reuse ideas – it is our intent to identify the best ideas and teams, and participate with them in creating leading businesses.

  2. Raja says:

    I am keen on participating in the Tie-Canaan challenge. However, when I was looking at the Tie-Canaan challenge website, I didn’t see any terms & conditions of the contest. Specifically, I am concerned about the terms around the confidentially/reuse of ideas off my business plan.

    Before someone pounces on this post by saying ideas are dime a dozen and it’s the execution that matters, I want to call out that I completely agree on that; I am more concerned with the fact that there’s a complete lack of any formal T&C.

    Can the organizers address this ?

  3. Mukul says:

    Kirshna – Refer to the link

    Jaspreet – If you see many of other awards you can’t get free.

    1.) Can you get BT profiling free? it cost of tonne of money to market in media. Also, CNBC will get to this list. Can you get on TV free? probably not. Definitely not a start up

    2.) This time we have got commitment on a definite time from the jury. So winner will be assigned to respective jury members and you would have access to the. Can you get Sanjeev / Raman as a consultant for your company?

    Virat – I have tried to answer some of your questions in my new post on venturewoods since it’s a very common question i have faced


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