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Hi Everybody:

Artjini has launched, India’s largest and only etailer of prints, canvas transfers and tapestries. These high quality products are sourced from publishers across the world. The images range from the old masters to the modern classics, and abstract works of art too (includes quite a few posters of celebrities). A unique feature is the custom framing option that lets one choose the framing option (mats and frames) for one’s prints.

Tapestries, a hot idea in contemporary wall decor, along with an excellent selection of hanging rods and tassels lets one make a style statement. With a texture not found in any other art form, these tapestries are works of art – they are woven on jacquard looms, using between nine and seventeen miles of thread in each design. The combination of thread colors and weaves creates a rich, fresh experience that changes with each viewing angle. Tapestries add rich ambiance to a room, as the fabric reduces sound vibrations and enhances acoustical characteristics.

Canvas Transfers, this amazing technique transforms posters into rich artwork that simulates an original oil painting, without the cost of one. This process creates the feel of an original painting with meticulous quality workmanship. One could get our skilled artisans to apply brushstrokes, giving your piece an even more special look.

The target market is the retail buyer and the architect/interior designer who decorate/design residential homes and commercial spaces. Our key differentiators are the wide range of images and product varieties, and of course the framing module.

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Artjini Team

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  1. Virat Khutal says:

    I am non-stop non-sense idea thrower……’nt take them too serious.

    Thanks Arpit for your comments

    heheheh 🙂

  2. Arpit Tambi says:

    Congrats! A nice concept.

    I just dropped in to make you aware of something I think is important. Note the keyword densities on your page-
    posters 37 8.01%
    art 22 4.76%
    poster 18 3.90%

    IMHO that is keyword spam and I advice you not to risk things with the SEs esp. Google.

  3. vkhutal says:

    One of the biggest problems on earth…..searching catlogs, which will identify my best fit. I think we human have to be little more intelligent in identifying the best fit for any set of users.

    I will give you a fresh idea for that. Lets say you ask user for 5 attribute. May be like colors he likes, story he likes to read, fav tourist spot, etc……then from those 5 attributes do the maths to search best pics or art work for that user.

    We have to trace the INTENTIONS of the person at any level to know what can be suited on him. Lets say we are in era of super malls…..but still we need a guide to explain or to understand our needs……..he can give suggestions during buying process.

    I am open for discussion u can contact me on
    vkhutal at gmail dot com

    Virat Khutal

  4. Vijay Anand says:


    This comes quite at an apt time while I am looking for some change in art, in my apartment. While the collection seems quite good, I think you need to make the experience a bit nicer. I searched for something and seeing the long list of pages at the bottom, gave up hope even looking for it further.

    There are plenty of tips you can take from sites such as which deals with this issue of too many pages.

    A great start. Seems reasonably well priced and should be something that is right in time.


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