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Founding a Startup

It has been long since I posted on VW. I had a good trip to USA and the level of activity on both the coasts is quite manic. In spite of the subprime woes I doubt that a recession is on the horizon anytime soon. On a personal note it looks like that I will […]

Funny Sites

Here is the funny lists of sites and its registrants. Domain Name: HOMEGAINSUCKS.COM, Inc. created: 2004 ——————————- Domain Name: ZILLOWSUCKS.COM Created on: 2005 ——————————- Domain Name: TRULIASUCKS.COM Registrant:Trulia Created on: 2005 ——————————- Domain name: Registrant:United Parcel Service Created on: 1997 ——————————- Domain Name: Registrant:Google Inc. Created on: 1999 ——————————- Domain Name: […]

Google joins band of angels

This news appeared in toda’s Business Standard. May be of interest to people here. Google joins hands with Band of Angels Raghuvir Badrinath / Bangalore July 25, 2007 Google Inc, the $-10 billion Internet major, is set to lead the angel investing scenario in India. The company, which has been acquiring mature companies across the […]

Canaan leads investment in Techtribe

Make money by doing good! Very happy to announce our investment in Techtribe. Techtribe pioneers a professional community website, and aims to monetize the same through a referral based recruiting model. Whats more, it has an incentive model, where referrers can make Rs 10,000 for each successful referral they make. Indian e-recruiting market has not […]

innovation in e-learning ?

i was going through some recent VC posts about upcoming boom in e-learning websites ( in India ). I tried to look around, but couldn’t find any indian/global website with significant innovation in that area. Can someone point me to a good resource/website ? I somehow believe, hosting videos and lecture notes coupled with some […]

Proto – The second coming

Just a quick post to see if anyone attended, and what they thought. I’ve been looking through the ones that made it, and reviewed the Internet ones over on my blog, and web apps like routeguru, were simply awesome. Having said that, I was a bit disappointed by the small volume, and also the quality, […]

Virtual exhibition time!

Just to tell all those who are interested that I’ll be launching an exhibition of my analog and digital art in the virtual world of Second Life. The exhibition launches on 21 July, and goes on for a month. It is being hosted by the Second Life library on Info Island. All those who are […]

Open Facebook

Great article on the impact of the open facebook platform. The ability for developers to plugin features into facebook and service the 30 million community already using facebook marks the demise of “one up feature social networks”. What does this mean for Indian social networks? Facebook is already ranked 22 in India by Alexa, and […]