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Apple I-Phone- Hype or Hit?

If you look into newspapers and websites of any journal from United States you won’t miss the word I-phone. Believe me, there are more than 100 articles that was written by technology experts, Apple lovers and others in this business. Would it become a hit? Million dollar question. But it’s easy to answer. It’s going […]

Incredible Gizmoz

Check this out guys! I found it great – perfect for friday afternoon, and perhaps for my secondlife avatar. If you are still thinking why I am doting my animation, all I had to do was to upload a picture of mine and this got done automatically Express Yourself with Gizmoz Video Clips

Kaval Kaur on Entrepreneurship Part-1 and Part-2

Kaval Kaur is a co-founder of SUFI, an incubator and angel investment company with offices in the USA and India. Kaval and her husband Jasveer co-founded Virsa, which was later acquired by SAP for a few hundred million dollars. Virsa is part of SAP’s Governance, Risk and Compliance business unit. I caught up with Kaval […]

Bird of Gold

McKinsey recently published its study on growth in income and spending of Indian consumer over next twenty years. It provides a great directional view of where the growth is, and where we might find ourselves in 10-20 years. Interesting read.

The Proto Team in Delhi: This Saturday

Proto has been discussed in this forum in various forms, and titles, and I have always enjoyed hearing the feedback that this community has to offer – as this community very much forms the crux and the core of the ecosystem that we are aiming to build. Here’s perhaps a chance to have that same […]

Is Manufacturing the future of Banking?

The Banking world is undergoing and major shift in the way banks have to function and compete in an evironment where the regulators keep coming up with new demands on making the system more transparent not just for the supervisors but also for the customers of the banks. This is a big challenge for an […]

Anu Shukla on Entrepreneurship

Anu Shukla is a serial entrepreneur who is currently busy with MyOfferPal, her third start-up, now in stealth mode (it recently received VC funding). At the recent TiECon 2007 in Silicon Valley, Anu introduced and moderated the session with Meg Whitman, head of eBay. I caught up with Anu afterward to talk about entrepreneurship, a […]

Raj Jaswa on Entrepreneurship

I am doing a series of interviews with entrepreneurs, VCS and technologists on entrepreneurship and this interview with Raj Jaswa is part of that series. Raj Jaswa, is President of the The Indus Entrepreneurs, Silicon Valley. I was curious to find out about the early days in Silicon Valley (the late 1980s and early 1990s) […]

Just 85 lakh internet subscribers?

A TRAI report (17 April, 2007) contains statistics on Internet “subscribers”: 85.47 lakh in number. Of this, the total number of broadband subscribers are 20.54 lakh as of 31 December 2006. That would probably comprise cyber cafes, home users and some SMEs. Alarmingly low, I think, though the quarterly growth rate of 13% might be […]

PE gives Bears a headache

Businessweek has an interesting piece on how PE and turnaround funds are making life difficult for short-sellers: But as short-selling has proliferated, it has become increasingly difficult to make money at the game. Whereas a profit-challenged enterprise may once have floundered until shutting down or filing for bankruptcy, many such companies are now targets for […]

IT Services & BPO Connect – Bangalore, July 12

Hi, Have IT Services and BPO become a “big boys only” game? Can SMEs survive and thrive in these sectors? What are the new opportunities in IT Services? Can KPOs ever IPO? My company, Venture Intelligence, is organizing a conference where successful entrepreneurs, top industry executives and investors will explore these questions in interactive panel […]