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Few Good Persons in NCR

I started by writing Few Good Men in NCR and realized that this would be inviting trouble and also eliminating half my audience. Restricting to NCR for teams/single person with no specific idea is necessary as the amount of interaction required will be hard at a distance. I am working with a few people with […]

Maverick Leadership

Imagine a company where managers set their own salaries! Middle management utopia, who would not like to be here? But this is also a company where if you put your salary too high, and people don’t put you on the list as someone they need for the next six months, you’re in more trouble than […]

Fun non-technology opportunities?

We have had a lot of discussion on this site on technology ventures and rightly so, given the talent pool in India. However, I think that with our changing social structure there will be interesting opportunities in the recreational services space. For instance, in areas like Health & Fitness, Tourism and so on. Think of […]

Startupping – a new resource for entrepreneurs

I recently came across Startupping – which looks to be an interesting online gathering place for entrepreneurs. It is heavily focused on the internet space, but other kinds of entrepreneurs will also find some interesting tidbits here. Worth keeping an eye on. From their home page: Startupping is a one-of-a-kind community resource created for Internet […]

Let’s face it, fake CVs are ruining IT !!!

Hello Friends, We have launched A Third Generation Recruitment Portal. Mohanchoti is primarily is an effort to remove hiring mistakes by giving an insiders preview of a candidate to prospective employers. and hence remove bad hirings. In the process it is adding value to everyone involved in the process Employee, Employer and Referrer.. For […]

Above Average – Book promotion

A recent entrepreneur asked me for help to promote his product. Interesting background — IIT Delhi, now a professor there, and has written this book (“ah! not another iitian book” — no, this guy has some mettle!) Above Average is the story of a middle-class Delhi boy with an aptitude for science and math but […]

Getting hired into a VC firm

A lot of people have been asking me what it takes to get into a VC firm. Few pointers: At an analyst level, most firms are looking for smart people, perhaps with some background in equity analysis or business analysis. It is not unusual to have fresh MBAs with some pre-MBA work experience to be […]

Live Ops raises $28 million

Saw this on TechCrunch. The companies software allows call centre workers to work from home and has a performance tracking system that routes calls to the best performing workers. I had heard the CEO of GenPact in India saying they were exploring these kind of solutions for India. Maybe there are startups in India focusing […]

Education industry outlook in India

Hello guys.. I want some views on education industry outlook in India specifically, school level (primary & secondary)…I am thinking of a business where school will pay some amount per student for services provided.. What i am not sure of is the appetite of schools to have paid value added service… Also it would be […]