IdeaCamp in Gurgaon with Alok Mittal

Venture community here are welcome to come and meet Alok Mittal at the Idea Camp in Gurgaon on 12th January from 2 pm to 4 pm.

Idea camp is organized with a intention to have a intense gathering of a small group of entrepreneurs and professionals to foster accelerated learning and networking on a common theme. The central theme we are
having for this event is on 1 million * $100 p.a. plans, which was actively discussed here on Venturewoods.

To register, visit

If you are unable to attend, you may still register to get the updates of the event and join the group for a ongoing exchange of ideas.

Ajay Sanghani
Cell : 0091-98200 20753

7 Responses to “IdeaCamp in Gurgaon with Alok Mittal”

  1. Less_fortunate_ones says:

    Hello ppl,

    Please let us (the less fortunate ones) who could not make it to the idea camp, know how it was ?

  2. Pat says:

    Just a few posts below this one, is a post regarding the “Do Not Call” registration with the Telcos. I had registered for the ideazone event on their online webpage where I had in my true senses provided my mobile number and e-mail. However, its ironical that I’ve received 4 SMSs and 3 e-mails, all identical informing me about the event.

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