Mobile VAS Meet @ Bangalore

Happened to be at the Mobile VAS meet at Bangalore and had a mixed opinion on the event. There were potentially more VC’s hob nobbing than innovators and geeks. As a consequence lot of “jargon” got thrown and some ;) operator cribs. Overall there were few startups to showcase there offerings. The “Oberoi” factor was at work and striped suits were more visible than the people who really implement the concepts.

The dscussion and participation was more around “content” (mostly ringtones, movie clips, pics etc.) than utility VAS like data, analytics, etc. According to me, that would drive the application space more than the generic content.

Also I would apreciate if we are able to have some improved versions of these meets @Delhi, where I am sure lot of friends & known ones whore are working in this domain would participate.

Sanjay G

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  1. Old Hand says:

    To those who criticize the events: Your criticism on these events does not come across as healthy or constructive, at least to me. None has forced anyone to attend. Simply don’t go if you don’t like to attend these events. There are plenty of other people who will go (newbies, those who want to learn about a new domain, those who want to revive their network, those who want to find a new job, etc ). The events do have their own value and will survive. Right now there is an investment bubble in India so more events will happen. When the bust happens, the # events will come down dramatically as companies won’t be ready to pay for their people’s networking :-)

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