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Fresh Talent & Startups

I remember having had a discussion with batchmates triggered by an online article in 2005 when i was in my final year at college. The article predicted that big MNCs in India would find it more and more difficult to recruit and/or retain top talent in years to come. This, because of attractive offers from […]

Tech Crunch/Edgeio

I became aware of this site site recently. It looks like a good place to find out about new stuff around Web 2.0. The editor of Tech Crunch Michael Arrington has an interesting background. I am pretty low tech but what I liked about tech cruch was that I was able to add Tech crunch […]

Instep Gartner Trends

Alok talked of out of step entrepreneurs. It is easy sitting in India to be instep. Towards that some technology trends mentioned by Gartner 1. Commoditization & consumerisation – makes tech more affordable 2. Virtualization & Tera Architechtures – Granular components that find each other and self assemble into a computing resource 3. Software Delivery […]

Out of step entrepreneurs

Have been spending a lot of time here in bay area of late, and have been seeing a fair bit of startups here. One thing that strikes me is how naturally the “market knowledge” comes to the whole community, including the founders and investors. Some of the plans I see within India are out of […]

Company Board

Running/Leading a Board is a big challenge which often becomes worse when a VC joins the board. Entrepreneurs should put in the disciplines ahead of time Some tips from “Venturing Forward” 1. Successful board meetings are ones with no surprises – making decisions not trading information 2. Fiduciary responsibility is paramount 3. Controlled meeting 4. […]

Microsoft Imagine Cup 2006

The finals of this global competition are being held in Delhi. See link. When I was in Citibank in India ( 1981-1989) I remember a couple of firms that are quite big to day getting started because Citibank agreed to be their first customers. Building on this thought it may be possible for the Band […]

Just in Time

Do most entrepreneurs in India prefer just in time capital raising and spending ? In my experience in Silicon Valley keeping a large capital cushion was considered quite important and after the initial proving stage, spending on say office space , key talent etc was done rapidly. The just in time approach minimizes dilution. I […]