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Raising Venture Capital Workshop – Bangalore Dec 18

Radical Shift presents a half-day workshop on successfully navigating the venture capital funding process, delivered by a former venture capitalist. Bangalore, December 18, 2012; 9am to 1pm Are you planning to raise external funding for your boot-strapped startup? Are you an SME owner looking for venture capital/private equity to accelerate growth? Do you want to […]

Radical Shift – CEO Coaching Sessions

A number of entrepreneurs have been interested in business coaching and I’m setting up weekly “office hours” to provide a coaching experience. Any entrepreneur or small business owner looking to evolve their leadership style and personal effectiveness or dealing with challenging business situations can sign up for a 30-minute session. Coaching is less about advisory […]

Business coaching for entrepreneurs

I recently left the venture capital world to set up a business coaching practice and wrote the following piece for a venture capital related publication. Pasting it below, and would love to get the forum’s thoughts on how they perceive the value of coaching. From Venture Capitalist to Business Coach After several years of working with […]

Inflection point for Mobile VAS?

ET had an interesting article a couple of days ago on declining SMS usage in India –… While the absolute number of SMS’s sent continue to grow (simply because Indian operators continue to add subs at a mind-boggling rate), the average SMS message per user fell significantly in the Sep. quarter relative to the June […]