Skip to main content nomination deadline extended to Dec 20 nomination deadline extended to Dec 20 From PROTO is a premier event to showcase new products, technologies and companies to a selected gathering. Due to the request of a lot of companies and peers, we have extended the deadline for nomination of companies that want to participate in the event to the 20th […]

HBR Dec2006 article abstract -Disruptive Innovation for Social Change

I guess for entrepreneurs, this abstract is enough to do catalytic innovation-Pradyot Disruptive Innovation for Social Change Clayton M. Christensen, Heiner Baumann, Rudy Ruggles, Thomas M. Sadtler Harvard Business Review December 2006 Issue Reprint # R0612E Abstract: Countries, organizations, and individuals around the globe spend aggressively to solve social problems, but these efforts often fail […]

India 2.0: The new garage culture

This is an interesting news for all and a very encouraging news for start-up owners and prospective start-up owners esp. in India From India 2.0: The new garage culture MUMBAI, India – The founders of newly launched Kreeda Entertainment come from New York City, Belgium and Bangalore. Their headquarters in India? A garage. The […]

Paul Graham’s 18 start-up mistakes

Paul Graham’s 18 start-up mistakes From 18 mistakes that kill start-ups. Only the points pasted below. Please see the URL for the details (for a software industry) The points are mostly valid for any start-up. May be valid for social work initiatives also. You may like to analyze your start-up/ future start-up from this […]

Guy’s Venture Capital Aptitude Test (VCAT)

Are you right for the venture capital business? Guy (Kawasaki) has created an aptitude test, Venture Capital Aptitude Test (VCAT). The main points:- Part I: Work Background What is your background? * Engineering (add 5 points) * Sales (add 5 points) * Management consulting (subtract 5 points) * Investment banking (subtract 5 points) * […]

teenage entrepreneurs –

From Company – Founders: Weina Scott and Jake Fisher Location: Miami Beach, Fla. (Weina); Rochester, Minn. (Jake) Year Founded: 2005 Initial Capitalization: $50 Sold For : $200,000 Weina Scott and Jake Fisher’s Story: Even among startups with cut-to-the-bone budgets, the creation and launch of Weina Scott’s and Jake Fisher’s podcast hosting company was […]