I am super excited to introduce the PowerPlug contest, a unique contest targeted towards early stage startups in India.

With PowerPlug contest, we wanted to bring out (and recognize) amazing Indian technology startups on a continuous basis. That is, go deep inside the rice fields & animal sheds of the startup farms.

As part of The PowerPlug of the month, entrepreneurs will share their startup details with Pluggd.in team (application form) and Pi will select one entrepreneur every month as the contest winner. The winner gets a brand new Apple iPad2 and also gets an opportunity to meet Sequoia Capital team members (gets an opportunity to spend half-day with them and get feedback/mentorship on his/her business plan).

The contest was started in the month of March 2011 and here are the winners (so far):

March Month: VisualWebsiteOptimizer: The NCR based startup has developed an A/B testing utility and has bagged prestigious clients like 4sq, Groupon as customers and surprisingly, it’s only a 3-member team.

April Month: Onze: This Bangalore based startup has built a niche business in LBS space and bagged deals with retailers delivering a useful service to them.

For the month of May, we have introduced a concept of theme, i.e. startups who fall under the monthly theme can only be considered eligible for the monthly contest.

And May month theme is ‘Consumer Internet’ startups.

Last Date to Apply : May 22nd, 2011.

How Do I Apply? : Use this link to apply for PowerPlug Contest.

Apart from the tangible goodies, you also get the bragging rights (plus media interviews/coverage and of course, customer interest and investors calls !). So if you are a consumer Internet startup, this is your chance to be the PowerPlug of the month.

Any questions/clarifications, do let me know.