It is publicity (of the right variety) that creates winners. Of course not to suggest even for a minute that substance is secondary. It isn’t. If anything, it will always remain the primary reason, that will differentiate the winners from “also-rans.”  But, as they say even Eagles need a push! The IT industry is not short of ideas, talent or the willingness to execute. However, when we take an annual headcount, only a handful actually matter. Strangely enough, the names are repetitive as very few are added on to the flock.EMERGE 50 was an idea conceptualised by the NASSCOM EMERGE Community to create a platform and showcase some of the SME companies which have the potential to make a difference. We initiated the programme last year and invited applications from Emerging companies in four distinct categories: EMERGE Growth, EMERGE Markets, EMERGE Products, EMERGE Service. The parameters for judging were:

  1. The companies which achieved the fastest growth over past 2-3 years.
  2. Those which offer unique value proposition – game-changers
  3. Those with unique organisational work models
  4. Those operating in non-traditional markets
  5. Those having built their own IPR, and
  6. Unique delivery systems like SaaS, Cloud Computing etc

We received over 200 Applications from as many as 12 cities. A jury of 7 members, went through each one of the applications and that is how the top 50 Emerging Companies “emerged.” It would be interesting to note how the winners could leverage this opportunity and create awareness.

  1. All 50 companies were listed in DataQuest
  2. In NASSCOM Newsline/NASSCOM EMERGE Blog/Newsletter
  3. Mentoring was offered to most of the companies who got short-listed
  4. Showcase of EMERGE Product Companies to the CIO community in the Product Conclave
  5. Partnered with to feature 30 Entrepreneurs on their site.
  6. Showcasing of EMERGE 50 Leaders at our events
  7. Recognition for EMERGE 50 at the NASSCOM EMERGEOUT Conclave in Delhi
  8. Been able to find partners through our Global trade development initiatives.

This year too we are back and have added two new categories – EMERGE Partnerships and EMERGE Start ups. EMERGE Partnerships would look for companies where emerging companies have partnered with other SME companies in developing technology, business development or as a part of sub-contracting. EMERGE Start ups would include products / services developed by start-ups which are less than 3 years old with an annual turnover not exceeding 2 Crores. Due weightage would be given to companies which deal in new-age technology like SaaS and Cloud Computing.

The excitement can’t get any bigger than this. Watch this space for
more info as we inundate you with updates. You don’t really want to miss out
on this opportunity. The last date for submitting your nominations
are 28th June 2010. If incase you have any clarifications please send in your queries to

Apply online at or