One of the areas where some of us have been thinking of late is how to increase awareness of citizens regarding policy and administration – things like which new bills are being introduced in parliament or state legislature, and what options are being considered? What are the relative merits/demerits of the options? Which way are our representatives inclined? What impact does it have on us? or, How has the local administration performed? Where can I go if I need to get something done? How do I participate in improving my local infrastructure and administration? What progress has really happened over last few years? How does this apparatus work?

It is interesting that several initiatives already exist at the ground level which seek to answer these questions for different stakeholders. Yet, these don’t seem to reach the general public. Perhaps, digital media can seek to bridge that gap and increase awareness of citizens about governance. Over a longer period of time, awareness drives participation and a healthy democracy.

It would be great if you can participate in a survey we have created to assess people’s need and willingness to engage in the above, as well as to get your suggestions. Please click here to take survey – even if you think this is useless, we’d love to get that feedback.