This is performance review time (at least in US) and I have been posting about my thoughts on these on my blog. One of the topics that I deal with regularly is the need to grow the engineers and managers reporting to me to the next level, in a way manage their career according to my company’s needs but keeping their personal needs in mind. Having been in India office for my company for 4 years, I know companies of size >100 or so try their best to hire managers who are/can be people managers and keep that an important criteria for promotion and hiring. And I have seen benefits of doing(and perils of not doing) that because that helps us grow leads and managers from within the organization and provides better succession planning at all levels.

However, I am wondering if this is a problem for companies of size 1-100. In other words, are topics like ‘performance management’, ‘succession planning’, ‘leadership development’, ‘growing from within’ pertinent for companies of this size? If they are not, is it because the effects are not visible, or is it that the size of the company allows these problems to be solved in some very different ways (town hall meetings as communication mechanism, etc)? Has anyone faced any of these problems in companies of size < 100?