Many of my friends are Internet and Soc Nw. Enthusiast . whenever we sit together ,we spend a lot of time discussing relative merit of every Sc.Nw site in market . some time back we were discussing most primitive form of all social Nw sites, namely DATING sites . Almost every one in group agreed to the fact that Online Dating is a BIG business but none of the company has got it right , specially in India . Most of the participant in discussion agreed that it doesn’t worked for them . adaptation , usage and throughput is not good enough.something is definitely broken somewhere . Our Culture and Conservative society is obviously a reason . but even in upwardly mobile Metro youth, usage of DATING site is not that much .

Some female members of the group were concerned about their Privacy and Fear of any possible abuse by stalker [SIKO is the term they use ] . they were convinced that most of these DATING portal is a fertile ground for abuse . that their security and reputations is at stake if they extend the conversation off line. so they may put up there profile on these site for the heck of it but response rate is very low . Most of them quoted the example of recent case of Mumbai teenager who was killed by his friends whom he meet at Orkut .

I don’t dismiss their fear ,its definitely not without some ground . but i somewhat disagree to the tendency to blame it on service provider .Possibility of stumbling upon some idiot is there but isn’t thats true for every place . Life in metro is a fertile ground for abuse . with thousands of Indian registered at Orkut we have only 2-3 cases of Orkut being used for some illegal activity . does that negate the whole concept ? Is it a case of BAD APPLE OR BAD BARREL ?

How can someone who want to do next orkut or some other dating service can address this concern of User community ,Investor ,Press and of course Moral Police ? Any thoughts ?


I am a Software Engg. based at Noida . I am a Mobile Web Enthusiast .I believe that Mobile web is the next big thing in Internet landscape. Mobile will do to PC what PC has done to Mainframe . I believe that We in India are at a vantage point to exploit the great potential offered by this explosion of mobile user base.

Apart from my day job i am currently working on a prototype of Mobile web application so that i can have a (Little) Slice of Action in this domain . we have code name this project as "GLUE". Apart from work and GLUE ,I Love reading , cooking ,hiking and IR Photography is my current Crush .
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