Hey readers,

I am always bothered by one question in my mind: How do startup founders “form the initial team” ? For those of you who have read my startup culture report, comparing US, Japan and Indian startup cultures, we touched on some of that. However, I would be very keen on hearing some views from you. To be more specific:
1. If one has an idea, what is the process one follows to find the “right partner” ? Is there such a process?

2. I quizzed about 20 famous, successful, serial entrepreneurs. Most did not have a good answer. The best answer I got is as follows, from the founder of Analog Devices:
a. 2 founders is the best scenario
b. both should complement each other in terms of skillsets.
c. 1 of them should be “technical/scientific” and the other a business guy and the leader.
d. The reponsibilities should be clearly dilineated.

thoughts? I think this is a good research project, which might help first time entrepreneurs…

-Shiva Venkatraman