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  1. NASA Space Apps Challenge is being hosted in New Delhi this year! People from any professional backgrounds are encouraged to participate to solve many problems that NASA is currently facing in the field of space exploration, robotics, earth imagery and more.

    The two day hackathon takes place simultaneously across 135 cities and one or two teams from each city has the chance to compete globally, after which they they get to attend a prestigious NASA event. More information about the event can be found on their website: where you can also register after choosing your city. Looking forward to seeing you there!

  2. Qwolla says:

    Our team has created a QnA app for students, Qwolla.
    The app is targeted for students where they can ask any question related to their subject of study, career or college. And the questions will be answered by other students across the country who are in the same discipline or college as the student who asked a question. In that way, app shows only the curated questions that are relevant to the students.

    While posting a question students can select whether they want to post a question in their major, in which case question will appear to all the students in the same discipline, or whether they want to post a question in the college, in which case question will appear to all students in the same college.

    Students can ask question by typing a text, taking a picture and also scribbling over the picture.

    Questions are presented to students in the form of a card, only one question at a time. Students have to swipe down the card to be presented with another question.

    Currently the app is launched in India and is available on Android and IOS.

    Demo video –

  3. The Amazon of Professional Services, is set to change the way professional services are offered and availed in India!

    At – where PAPA stands for Perfect Advice & Professional Assistance, we stand true to our motto ‘You have a Problem, PAPA has a Solution!’

    With Top rated experts across various fields like Legal, Finance, Healthcare, Astrology, Life Management and many more under a single platform, enables professionals and consultants to offer, and users to avail their services via modes like Email / Phone / Meeting / Web / Home-Office visits.

    We are set to change the way professional help is availed in India as our users can now Sample the services of an Expert before they buy it. Our 5 step Expert validation and verification process clubbed with Crowd sourced reviews and ratings ensures our Clients get the best services from the choicest of Experts. Visit today to get the Perfect Advice & the best Professional Assistance.

    If you are an Expert offering High quality services in 14 service sectors in India, you can now enable your Online Office for FREE in 10 minutes, and reach out to 3 Crore prospective Indian clients searching for Professional help online each month. Visit to know more and to change the way you offer your services to your existing as well as new clients.

  4. Karan says:

    Online training courses are becoming increasingly popular due to the flexibility they offer to students in pursuing the course at their own pace and convenience. A few such niche sites have been quite a hit in India with venture capitalists eagerly looking to fund such ventures as they have an enormous potential to generate revenue and are a value addition too.

    P2CInfotech is one such popular online training site that offers a wide range of quality online training courses designed to give students the perfect advantage in their future career. The quality training resources are taught by expert trainers along with emphasis on building their practical skills. Right from its inception-the site has steadily made its mark in the field of online software training.

  5. StartupWave says:

    StartupWave is a new virtual incubation platform which aims to “democratize incubation”, and is a a one-stop service providing a blend of virtual and in-person support to take startups from idea to investment. It was designed in collaboration with over 100 entrepreneurs, investors, corporates and incubators; and is a bold new approach to supporting startups in India.

    The offerings are divided into two segments – pre-incubation services consisting of business model design and validation support for idea to pilot stage startups and incubation services consisting of lean prototyping, mentorship, business services, R&D and other support for early to growth stage startups. At the end of pre-incubation; startups are chosen to be incubated by any one of the 24+ incubator partners of StartupWave or be virtually incubated on StartupWave and at the end of incubation, they pitch to a network of over 350 investors.

    StartupWave’s long term vision is to work with thousands of entrepreneurs each year, and complement the work that accelerators and space incubators do.

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