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  1. Startupwala says:

    Startupwala is evolved from the thought of helping Young & Dynamic Individuals to start their venture at ease. we help them as a one-stop solution for all their Startup Legal Needs.
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  2. divij singh says:

    Hi guys! Thought you guys might find this of interest.
    Rise Hackathon is designed to test stellar teams and brilliant individuals for an exclusive opportunity to launch their start-ups or just showcase their apps to the world with the Barclays India Rise Program. Winning teams also walk away with cash prizes upto ? 600,000.
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  3. Rahul Das says:

    Startup Tunnel launches CivicTech Incubation Program

    This winter, Startup Tunnel (STun) is launching India’s very first CivicTech Incubation Program. STun is looking for ambitious entrepreneurs with a passion to solve the real and tough challenges burdening Indian cities today. This program isn’t looking for the ‘just-another’ or copy-cat ideas. It is looking to discover the next moonshot, that will drastically improve the lives of millions.

    Incubatees will have access to STun’s wide network of mentors, advisors and investors. They will also have access to large investor events, like GSF, social innovation conclaves like Design Public and startup pitching events like Pecha Kucha Nights and Product Meet. Incubatees will have the chance to pitch to government in the first week of November, during the Citizen Participation in Urban Innovation event, and once again in December to a group of investors at Slingshots.

    STun is a Delhi based early-stage incubator. After launching in January 2015, the Startup Tunnel has incubated five early stage start-ups, Mera Garden, JobSpire, TrueLancer, Amicus and Butterfly Innovations. Working in the spaces of e-commerce, recruitment and education, some of them are now running revenue positive ventures, while others have successfully secured seed funding. STun is now partnering with CivicLabs, a division of CKS Consulting, bringing innovation techniques to the public sector and governments towards the creation of new digital public services, to put together a one of a kind CivicTech Incubation Program. Two of the greatest startup heros of our time, Peter Thiel and Elon Musk, have worked closely with government, to build Palantir and Space X respectively. The CivicTech incubator program, doesn’t believe otherwise, and intends to be space to make it happen.

    You could apply to STun’s incubation program here or write to for more information. You could also follow them on Facebook and Twitter or have a look at their website.

  4. Khan says:

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