This blog is an attempt to bring the Indian venture community closer together. All its constituents, right from the entrepreneurs themselves, venture capital firms, angel funds, lawyers, recruiters, investment bankers, incubation cells — the list goes on.

As an entrepeneur, then as an angel investor and venture capital professional, I have felt that despite close alignment of our end goals, there exist vast gaps in our understanding of each other. Gaps which are often responsible for inefficiencies in the system. For example, the entrepreneurs’ collective understanding of what the “hot areas” are might be very different from the investors’ view — venturewoods is a platform to discuss, and not necessarily agree on, those views. This site is an attempt to prevent all of us from being lost in the woods.

The objective of venturewoods is to be an open community without compromising on quality. If you feel that you have thoughts that you want to share, feel free to write in and request an account. In any case, do feel free to comment.

Alok Mittal
alokmittal at gmail dot com

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Sabah says:

    Hi Alok,

    Would you consider reviewing and perhaps writing about my startup? It’s ready to launch after months of hardwork and patience 🙂 And btw, I am going to keep reading your blog – regardless.


  2. Sauraab says:

    Hello there,

    I got your contact online and wanted to introduce my business which is into fitness and health awareness and online training; fitness media of a kind located in Bangalore, having a product for the global market, it’s validated through a service design workshop and our closed group of experts;

    We’ve come up with innovative features and we’ll pioneer a new aspect in fitness and wellness which can disrupt the fitness content industry which is just one of the very features we offer.

    We’d like to speak with you in detail about the same, Kindly mail me back if you’re interested in health and fitness apps

  3. Hello Alok,

    I am putting together a blog about small business ideas for the Indian youth who are looking for setting up their own businesses rather than go for jobs. The blog has non-tech ideas mostly. Please do review it and let me know if you have any suggestions.

    Regards, Ankita.

  4. Gautam Midha says:

    CIIE at IIM Ahmedabad in collaboration with Village Capital is launching a new accelerator program for tech-based social enterprises. I would be really grateful if you could post up material on venture woods. Do let me know how to go about this I have also sent you an email about the same.

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