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Demystifying consumer hardware product development

While there is a great deal of excitement generated by new consumer products – smart glasses, activity trackers, smart watches, arm bands and companies that make them – jawbone, google, square, leap motion, etc, entrepreneurs and investors still are shy of venturing into the space. There are some common misconceptions but I won’t get into that right now. What I wanted to show is a 30 part series that engineers, product managers, manufacturing, marketing and servicing teams in my company have created to show how consumer products are designed and developed from scratch. Hardware product design is influenced by not just user experience requirements, but also by industrial and mechanical design considerations, electronics design, test requirements for mass production, and manufacturing processes. I have personally learnt a lot in the last few years and I hope you find these short videos useful. They are not thorough tutorials or anything of that sort but they show all aspects of building products from scratch end to end. I also do not want to spam readers of this blog every day, so I will add videos in this post itself. You can also follow us on facebook and twitter or post a question here if you have one.

Content Marketing for SME’s

A Smart Marketer knows that Traditional Marketing no longer holds sway – Today is the Era of Digital and Content Marketing – Developing Relevant and Engaging Content for your Target Audience to drive a Profitable Customer Action(On Web and Mobil).

If Content is King , Digital Marketing is Crown. Digital Marketing Strategies are closely connected with Content and Consultants with experience in Online Advertising , Social Media Marketing , Search Engine Optimization optimizes Digital Media with Right Content to Deliver Tangible and measured Results.

As an SME (Small Medium Enterprise) , you have to figure out how the content developed by you gets engaged with the customer. You have to think like a Publisher , Media and work on great story telling.

First and foremost think about what customers you are targeting and what are their pain points your product/service is addressing.Based on that you should start engaging with them on different social sites. Facebook , twitter , pintrest etc.

Content would need to have following components depending on your product/service and make it part of Marketing strategy.

Blog Articles
Data sheets/Factsheets
Leaflets / Flyers etc
Electronic Data Mailers (EDM’s)
Video Scripts

Content Development is an Art and engaging with customer is need of the hour. As there is lot of content available on Web , how you differentiate is by doing SEO , Keywords and engaging with the Right audience and make that specific to their Pain Points.

Virendra Sarna

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Tall Tales told by Grandmas and Venture Capitalists

“VCs look for Startups going after a Big Market with a Passionate Team and have an ‘unfair advantage’.”
“A startup is an organization built to search for a repeatable and scalable business model.”

If the organization does not yet have a viable business model, how can it have an “unfair advantage”?

“VCs take pure equity risk and, as long as the business pans out fine, their interests are perfectly aligned with that of the entrepreneurs.”
“VCs bury ‘Dangerous Bombs in Share Holders Agreements’ and unless you ‘diffuse them’, they will take away all the spoils.”

Conundrums? Myths?

Certainly Quite Puzzling Questions to an Entrepreneur Seeking the First Round of VC funding.

But, who’s going to provide the answers?

I wish my Grandma was around to help.


I’ve come to realize that, apart from the “school of hard knocks”, the best way to learn anything – that sticks – is through stories. Call it Case Study or Mythology or Grandma’s Tales. Stories Stick. And they bring clarity to seemingly complex issues.

If only I’d paid proper attention to Grandma’s tale of a guy who brought together an army of monkeys (and other assorted creatures) to cross an ocean and conquer an island, I would have probably learnt for keeps that Leadership is about inspiring “ordinary folks” – by setting a “Big Hairy Audacious Goal”, personal example and smart tactics – to achieve “extraordinary results”. The same story also had a bear pep talking a monkey into “realizing his true potential” and taking a “test marketing” leap across the ocean (to ensure that the big battle was going to be worthwhile).

Great. Back to VC Fund Raising.

Where are the Answers to those Tricky Questions?

In Stories!

From Master Entrepreneurs who have fought the good fights and have not only survived, but thrived, to tell their tales.

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