Omnivore Capital (OC): Weekly Office Hours [via Skype]

Subhadeep and I are starting weekly office hours online via Skype video conference calls (one or both of us will attend every week). Any entrepreneur or startup that is interested in agriculture and rural India can sign up for the office hour slots. You don’t have to pitch us – you can just ask us for feedback on ideas or thoughts on something within our area of knowledge. Our goal in doing this is to share our knowledge with a broader audience and to help people flesh out ideas and opportunities. Typically we only meet people when they (think they are) ready to pitch us for an investment. We would much rather get involved with dedicated entrepreneurs much earlier in the process. Also, we have some ideas we would love people to pursue and if we met someone with the right experiences/background would be more than happy to share those ideas with people.

Our office ours will occur weekly on Friday’s 5pm to 7pm IST via Skype. To sign up for office hours this week, just click here

We will announce signups for office hours a few days in advance each week. To be notified of our office hours, you can either subscribe to our blog or follow our twitter feed

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  1. Sachin says:

    Neither your venturewoods bio (about page) or past posts, nor your omnivore capital about page tells much about you. All I know from your VW bio is that you work for Edelweiss Capital and can guess that Omnivore might be your part time venture.

    As a professional, don’t you think its your responsibility to properly introduce yourself and why people should take up your offer? Why should a capable entrepreneur spend his time talking to you? Or do you think you are just doing everyone a big favor?

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